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About the company

Workshop Orodje

We have joined more ten-year-old experience, knowledge and working enthusiasm in a young, successful company, which continues a rich tradition of tool making on the Slovenian coast.

Production program:

  • Moulds for plastic injection, zinc and aluminium alloys
  • Services of machine processing
    3D model
    • CNC milling
    • Profile grinding
    • Round grinding
    • Spark erosion
    • Wire erosion
  • 3D computer modelling
  • Construction of moulds and products
Milling Workshop

Our knowledge, experience and quality enable us to master and to guarantee the making of the most demanding moulds within fixed terms and at competitive prices. Our clients, buyers and users of the moulds and of our services are becoming partners during the whole process of planning, developing and functioning of moulds. Creativity and adaptation to the clients' demands are our constant companions because our aim is to be presented on the market as an out-line partner in planning clients' products and as an adaptable and innovative performer of clients' ideas.

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