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Strategic aims

  • TO MAKE THE MOST QUALITY MOULDS for clients from all Europe. We are capable of making the most quality moulds within fixed terms and at competitive prices due to more than twenty-year-old experience in the field of construction and making the moulds, and due to our machines and software.
  • CLIENTS’ SATISFACTION represents the basis of our effort. We put in the first place the quality and the term. We guarantee our clients a quality product, individual treatment of wishes and quick response. Our aim is not a short-term business but a long-term cooperation with partners, so while making new moulds we pay a lot of attention to our own developing with support of high technology, which assures the making of high quality and modern moulds.
  • EMPLOYEES' SATISFACTION is the key factor of successful companies. The possibility of permanent training, promotion and creating a successful company assure the motivation of employees.
  • ECONOMIC EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT, which assures investing in development, modernisation of machines and growth of the company.
  • QUALITY SYSTEM in our company is in accordance with the demands of international standard ISO 9001:2000. In this way we assure the quality in development and in production because we are aware that the efficient quality management has the key role in obtaining the goals.
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